Jun 052016

Warm and humid, but sunny, conditions greeted TCRA during our planned activation of Thomas Edison National Park (HP44) in West Orange, NJ. As part of Edison Day, a town wide street fair brought food, live music, and a beer garden. 

TCRA set up shop out by one of the park’s feature attractions, the Black Maria. Two pipe clamps secured a 25 foot fiberglass mast to support our 51′ G5RV mini. HF operations were conducted on an IC7100, and logging utilized N1MM software. All RF activities ran off of deep cycle 12 volt batteries, a nod to Edison, the inventor of DC. No power supplies! QSO’s were made on 40, 20, and 17 meters, working all the way to the west coast (CA, WY, OR, NV). 40 was mainly NVIS, working the tri-state area, New England, and VA. 20 brought us a few pleasant DX contacts, including Lithuania and Croatia. All in all, the club made over 170 QSO’s over about a 5 hour operating period!

Members in attendance included Nelson De Sousa (KD2CYU), Joe Czyzewski (KB2OYJ), Paul Biener (KD2DRM), Leon Grauer (N0TAZ), Hank Shannon (KD2DRL), Bob Grassmann (KB2BBD), Ed Grassmann (N2TDM), and Rob Fissel (K2RWF). 

A very special thanks to Terri Jung of the National Parks Service for her assistance and efforts in making this a tremendously successful event. 

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